This is a Family and Fan page for the Desert Devils RC. Follow our rides, news, and more!

We are Desert Devils RC. We are not a 1% club. We are a diverse group of Military Vets and Military supporters that take pride in being part of a tradition that has spanned generations and built bonds.     


This platform allows us to bring more awareness to causes close to our hearts. We advocate for 2nd amendment rights, motorcycle safety and veteran suicide prevention. Being in the club means being your brothers keeper. It's not just about putting a patch on your back. It means being selfless and looking out for those who ride with you. When a brother is in need, it's not a handout, it's a helping hand.


We claim no territory however we are an Arizona Riding Club and represent the Arizona Flag in our colors. We are active in Military, church and children’s charity bike runs. We strive to be a positive force in our community. Our goal as a club is to educate and encourage motorcycle riders to be safe and have fun.


We are a non-profit club that rides hard, has fun and looks out for each other. We are made up of various backgrounds, color, race, gender and religions. New riders with little experience are welcome. We will guide you as long as you listen to instructions and follow the rules of the road.


We wear a single patch and pay respect to the original motorcycle clubs that shaped our culture:


A. The Name - acknowledging the environment we live in as well as paying respect to military branches that received nicknames from enemies during wartime campaigns 


B. The Colors – Red, White Blue, Gold and Copper respecting the USA and AZ flags


C. The Skull – acknowledging our own mortality


D. The 8 Stars - represent the 8 original founding members


E. The Roman numerals – represents the 3% of colonists that defended the US against British forces