1. Any member holding an office within the club will wear a patch designating their position. The designation patch will be worn on the front, upper left side of the club vest.

  2. OFFICER BOARD: Only patched members that have been with the club for 1 year or more, and who have become a Lieutenant may hold an officer position. At least one original member must hold an officer’s position. Only 2 Lieutenants for every 10 club members, lieutenants can be nominated by an officer and voted in at each "Church" meeting.

  3. TERM LIMITS: Officer positions shall be elected for a term of one year. After the year has been fulfilled, a Lieutenant or an Officer holding another position may submit their name for consideration or be nominated by others for the officer position. If no one of that stature submits for that position, then the current officer may retain the position for an additional 1 year term, if they are re-elected. Positions can be voted to remain open if members choose. Nominations and voting will be held at the December Church meeting, our fiscal year. A majority vote will determine if the member submitting for the position will advance into the requested officer position. Should there be more than two names submitted, the officer board will narrow the submissions to two candidates. Then the entire club may vote for the candidate of their choosing. If there is a tie vote, the Officers will have the determining vote within the officer board.

  4. All decisions affecting the club will be voted on by the patched Members present. The loss of a patch means the loss of voting rights. Potentials have no voting rights. In the event of a tie vote, the president's vote will be void and determined by a majority vote. To vote in a new Member, the vote must be approved by 75% of all members present. In the event to amend a bylaw, all officers and 2 patched members must cast a vote. The vote must hold a 75% approval to amend a Bylaw.

  5. In the event it becomes necessary to remove a member due to a violation of bylaws or in the case where the member becomes disruptive to good club order, a two step process will be put into place.

    • First, the officer board will discuss the infraction/ member's situation, and if removal is recommended, a vote will be taken. In order for the process to move to the next step, the officer board must vote unanimously to remove the member in question.

    • Next, provided the officer board is in agreement that the member should be removed, the subject of removal will be brought to the rest of the club (minus the officer board and member in question) to give an up or down vote. A 75% vote or more is required to remove the member. If the 75% threshold is not met, the member in question will be put on probation for a period of six months. After this probationary period, another vote will be taken by the club as a whole including the officer board. Again, a 75% threshold must be met.

    • If it is determined that the member is to be removed, a member of the officer board will notify the member in question. The Sergeant at Arms will arrange for the return of club property to include but not limited to:

      • 1) Desert Devils Patch Set

      • 2) Desert Devil NFC Business Card.


    • Front of Vest

      • Above right upper pocket from top to bottom: Nickname, DDRC, Original (if you were one of the founding members).

      • Above left upper pocket from top to bottom: American Flag, Title of position held in club (IE: Secretary).

      • At bottom of vest, on left side of zipper/buttons: Area between 0 - 2” from bottom of vest, Area between 0 - 4” from inside edge of vest will be designated for the mileage patch, if awarded.

    • Back of Vest

      • Upper center: A single back patch with club name, logo, Roman numerals and RC all incorporated. Up to XL Vest - 3.5" below the collar, XXL and larger vest - 4" below the collar.

      • Bottom 2”, centered with 1” of spacing between patches: Military Supporter or branch of military (IE: Army) Veteran.

      • The back of vest is to remain clear of all personal patches, only the required club patches to be allowed.

    • Designated space for miscellaneous personal patches

      • Front of vest, under the pectoral pockets only (except the location allocated for the mileage patch).

    • ALL PATCHES MUST BE SEWN ON. Desert Devils RC retains ownership of all Club patches. Any member resigning from the Club (voluntary or requested) will return all patches to the Sgt. At Arms within 48 hours of leaving. The club will NOT purchase patches back. If retiring from the club, a vote by the officers will determine if the retiree may keep the patches or return them to the club.

  7. RIDES / MONTHLY MEETINGS: Club rides and meetings may be held monthly at a pre-determined time and location. Family and work come first; however, members should have good attendance and make every attempt to attend the rides and monthly meetings for fellowship. If a member is unable to make a ride or meeting, let an officer know. “Church” is a once-a-month mandatory meeting for club members only.

    Riding Order

    1. President

    2. Vice President

    3. Sergeant at Arms

    4. Secretary

    5. Treasurer

    6. Lieutenants

    7. Patched Members

    8. Potentials

    9. Road Captain / Tail Gunner

  1. CLUB FUNDS: The initial fee is a ONE TIME, NON-REFUNDABLE fee. This fee needs to be paid prior to receiving the club patches and becoming a patched member (Fee amount subject to change). Monthly club funds are $20. This will be recorded by the Treasurer and the Secretary. The monthly dues go towards charity events, club events, club rides, etc.

  2. FULL MEMBERS RESPONSIBILITIES: Full patched member MUST own a motorcycle. Members cannot belong to any other clubs excluding the American Motorcycle Association. If a member is attacked, the whole club shall help defend; however, if a club member is acting aggressive, belligerent or starting fights on purpose, another member or members will bring it to the attention of an officer. Every member must show respect to the club, fellow members and other clubs. No stealing among members. Destruction of club member property will not be tolerated. Any member who blatantly disrespects their patch or club will be requested to resign (disorderly in public, drunk, drug use, starting fights with club members, hitting on a members lady). Members should try to stay together during club functions; however, if a member leaves early or stays behind, for the sake of safety, they should inform a member. Members shall not discuss club business to non-members unless discussing charity events. Members must always wear their vest/cut when attending functions and remember that they are representing themselves and the Club as a whole.

  3. POTENTIALS RESPONSIBILITIES: Becoming a member requires the potential to attend a minimum of 3 official club functions in the first 3 months. Most potentials will require more than 3 official club functions to allow club members to get to know the potential. A potential must be sponsored by a current member in good standing, must show a legitimate interest in being a club member. If the minimum requirements are not met this means the potential does not want to be in the club. A potential should attend as many club functions as possible to get to know other members and so the members may get to know them to ensure it’s a good fit for all. Must have a current, valid driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement, current registration, insurance and ensure their bike is in good working order. If and/or when the potential becomes a patched member, they will ensure the back patch and/or designation patch are sewn on within a week of receiving patches.

  4. DISCIPLINARY ACTION: The purpose of the bylaws is to preserve the integrity of the Club, protect the members, ensure a fun riding experience and promote fellowship. The bylaws are to be followed 100%. Changes to the Bylaws are done at the officer boards discretion. As a member, there are no unrealistic expectations forced; however, club rules should be followed to ensure fun and safety for everyone. If the club rules and regulations are broken, the matter will be turned over to the officer board who will act accordingly. Potentials are immediately dismissed. DRUGS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! When situations arise that require special circumstances, it will be handled on a case by case scenario to determine a resolution.

    • If a member does not bring their vest/cut to a club event a mandatory $20.00 fine will be applied and given to the Treasurer to apply to the club funds. They also will ride behind all patched members.

    • If an officer misses 3 club meetings “Church” in a row or 4 within a year, they will be asked to resign, and the position will go up for vote.

  5. Bobber, Bagger and Touring models preferred. Trikes are allowed with wheels in the rear. Must be a 799cc or higher.